The Public Relations Department invites the new generations to enter the “Future Food for Sustainability” competition to welcome the leaders in APEC and win 2.5 million baht in prize under the campaign “PLATE TO PLANET for the Environment”


          As the host for the APEC 2022, where Thailand plays a major role to drive APEC through a transition into the balance, engaging and sustainable world after COVID-19 under the concept of BCG Economy. The main topic for this meeting, “Open Connect Balance” aims for partnership and successful trades, investment, and sustainability with the main focus on the benefits for the new generations. Hence, creating a key opportunity for the younger generations and all Thais to exhibit their potential and readiness as a host for this meeting through presenting the country’s good images to the leaders of the 21 member economies.

          Thailand is internationally known as the “Kitchen of the World” and Thai food has been considered the country’s crucial Soft Power. More than 38.9 million Thai citizens are in food and agricultural sector. The country is ranked 12th in the world as food exporter and was recently praised by UN as a “Role Model” in agriculture and public health who prioritizes sustainability and circular economy.

          The Public Relations Department comprehends this supreme opportunity for the Thai people to showcase its rich resources, cultural diversity and readiness to the world through Future Food for Sustainability future food competition under the BCG concept for the new generations to exhibit the Soft Power of Thai cuisine which has been developed with innovation and wisdom according to the future trends within the perspective of society, economy and environment to showcase the ability of the “Kitchen of the Future World” prioritizing the environment and sustainability. The teams that qualify for the final 21 would be presented with opportunities for an exhibition to showcase their menus for the future to the Thai and foreign press in APEC 2022  to represent Thailand as the host of APEC Meeting 2022.

          In addition to an opportunity to showcase the menu for the future, the winning team would take home the winning prize of one million-baht, 500,000 baht for the first runner-up, 200,000 baht for the second runner-up and 100,000 baht for popular votes as well as 30,000 baht for all finalists.


    1. Showcasing the capability as the “Kitchen of the Future World” under the BCG concept
    2. Promoting engagement and dignity as a platform for the new generations to showcase the country’s strength
    3. Building on the 5 S-Curve policy, the potential Soft Power and Sustainability
    4. Building awareness of the benefits of the new economy to startup as well as farmers

The project consists of seven activities

  • Activity 1 “Future Food Contest” 15 August – 30 September 2022
    Future Food Contest invites the new generation under the age of 45 years
    to showcase the idea for future menu that is good for the mind (delicious and good price) good for the health (for the healthy consumers and farmers) and good for the earth (farming, processing or cooking technique that is ecofriendly) focusing on Thai herb and ingredients as well as process/innovation that is ecofriendly.
    On 30 September 2022, 2,018 teams from all over the country have submitted their menus ranging from 48% of the young generation, 12% from the young farmers, and 40% from food entrepreneurs.
  • Activity 2 “Online Orientation Forum” 19 September 2022
    An informative activity about the trend and opportunity of future food in Thailand under the topic of “The Opportunity of the Thai Future Food in the World Stage” invites those who are interested in contesting, future food trend and looking for an opportunity in the future food to join the discussion from Minister attached to the Prime Minister’s Office (Anucha Nakasai) and managements from leading food organizations via online channels
    For recorded sessions:
  • Activity 3 “Ideas Filtering” 8 October 2022
    60 teams will be selected by a group of nine-committees from different backgrounds such as food experts, future food experts from leading organization, nutritionists, sustainability managers for instance,
        1. Mrs. Tassanee Pholchaniko, Deputy Director of the Public Relations Department
        2. Chef Chumpol Jangprai, Sustainable Food Ambassador to Feed Up @UN
        3. Mr. Visit Limlurcha, Committee Chairman of Processed and Food for the Future
        4. Dr. Sirikul Laukaikul, Country Director, SB Thailand
        5. Mr. Sira Srisuksai, Manager of Lifestyle Business Management, PTT Oil and Gas Company Retailing Public Company Limited
        6. Mr. Prinya Kittikarunchit, Executive Vice President Non-Oil Retail Business Bangchak Corporation Public Company Limited
        7. Miss Varanya Techasuktavorn, Dietitian and teacher in Nutrition and Dietetics Department, Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, Chulalongkorn University
        8. Mr. Santi Abakaz, CEO & Co-Founder TASTEBUD LAB
        9. Mr. Vipittichak Pitthayanont, Food Designer
  • Activity 4 “DEVELOPMENT INCUBATION CAMP” 19-20 October 2022
    Business development training activity, marketing and cooking technique for the 60 team finalists of 200 people where everyone gets a chance to learn from Mr. Sutirapan Sakkawatra, Chief Marketing Officer, SCBX as well as a training with Chef Chumpol Jangprai, Sustainable Food Ambassador by [email protected]
  • Activity 5 “Cooking Contest” 22-23 October 2022
    A contest to find 21 teams as Thailand’s representative who will get an opportunity for an exhibition to showcase their menus for the future to the press in APEC 2022 with seven honorable guests such as chef, Food Stylist marketing expert and MICHELIN Guide Inspector.
        1. Chef Chumpol Jangprai, Sustainable Food Ambassador to Feed Up @UN
        2. Chef Monthep Kamolsilp, TAAN​ Head Chef
        3. Chef Tanai Pojaree, Chef & Food Stylist Tastebud Lab
        4. Mr. Jirawat Jamikorn, Management & Business Consultant
        5. Associate Professor Pornprom Chomngam, Ph.D President of Master of Arts Curriculum, Strategic Communications, Interpersonal Communication, Bangkok University
        6. Mr. Suthipong Suriya, Thailand’s leading Food Stylist
        7. Mr.Chris Watson, Ex Michelin Guide Inspector Europe
  • Activity 6 “Announcing the 21 teams who represent Thailand” 29 October 2022
    Announcing the 21 teams who represent Thailand in an exhibition to showcase their menus for the future to the press in APEC 2022 where all 21 teams would get an opportunity to try to sell their products to attendees. The event will be held at Central World B Square from 17:00-21:00 and the highlight of the event will be when the 21-team of finalists present the menus and their ideas to investors from nine leading organizations as follows
        1. Bangchak Corporation Public Company Limited
        2. NR Instant Produce Public Company Limited
        3. SCBX Public Company Limited
        4. PTT Oil and Gas Company Retailing Public Company Limited
        5. PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited
        6. The Minor Food Group Public Company Limited
        7. Food Factors Public Company Limited
        8. Thai Union Group Public Company Limited
        9. The Food School Bangkok

          With many more entertaining activities such as

            • Voting for the future food and get a chance to win prizes like hotels, restaurants and gadgets and many others
            • Tasting the future food from the 21 team finalists
            • Enjoy the music from “Lookchun Diva Makeover”
            • Entertainment from Tor Thanapob Leeratanakajorn


  • Activity 7 “Showcasing the Menus for the Future to the leaders or representatives of 21 member economies”    14 – 19 November 2022 at Queen Sirikit Convention Center The 21 team of finalists would be showcasing of ideas and menus for the future to the leaders’ representatives or the press from all over the world to witness and taste.

For more details contact: Paemika Vatthakovit 095-4716679
LINE: @futurefoodapec
Facebook: APEC พร้อม ไทยพร้อม